About us

We are the specialists.


You take your car to your specialised garage, you choose your doctor carefully as well. Why should you be less careful in choosing your financial services broker?


The financial solutions we are offering are much different from what you can get at the usual places, like a bank or a funds-management-office. Even many experienced asset managers don't know the products which we can offer.

We like it most when we are able to proof that a solution of which everybody says "It's impossible" is possible.

That's what we are proud of.

J. Schnitzler
J. Schnitzler

Jürgen Schnitzler





Professional statement:

Several years in the consulting business finally lead to changing my fields of interest some years ago. At first, financial services was not my aim and I was just investing my own money. But soon other people got interested in the possibilities I found.

So, I started to offer my services of non-mainstream-financial-products.

I myself like nothing less than losses and so do my clients. Due to this, safety and good gains are the main factors in judging investment offers I get.


I'm licensed intermediary by the city of Düren, Germany.

Official text: Genehmigung nach § 34c GewO durch den Kreis Düren, 52348 Düren
Zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde: Kreis Düren, Landrat Amt 30, Bismarckstr. 16, 52351 Düren


F. Koldeweyh
F. Koldeweyh

Frank Koldeweyh



Sales director


Professional statement:

Guessing fund's and stock's development at the stock market always has been to boring for me. That's why I have been in sales for high-potential investments for over 20 years now.

After I got in contact with my colleague Jürgen Schnitzler, I was so impressed by the possibilities he found and developed that I decided to dedicate all of my professional knowledge to our company, Finanzkontor Sankt Georg.


Saint George and the dragon
Saint George and the dragon

Saint George



Patron Saint


The story behind:

Each roman-catholic christian has got his patron saint. The saint of all men who are called George, Jörg oder Jürgen (like in Jürgen Schnitzler), is Saint George.

Just like Saint George killed the dragon, our goal is to eliminate your losses. We want to be for you the white knight who defends mischief.

That's also the reason why we took Saint George for the name of our company.


If you want to know more about Saint George's story, look HERE.